Accounts & Information
  • Our website under the domain is subject to certain rules and regulations that our customers can read as in defined by our Terms & Condition policy. We hereby reserve the right to acknowledge to all users, viewers and visitors that data or information has been recorded to ensure the quality of services we offer our customers. In addition, we reserve the right to collect data from users who register on our site, such as; Name, age, demographics, geographical location, metrics, username, password, and other valuable information.
  • As soon as you have created your account on our website or registered for one of our services, we reserve the right to record, analyze and save information. The information is backed up on strongly encrypted drives to ensure that there is no data compromise, tampering or copyright infringement as follows. In addition, we - Take My Class Pros are not liable in the event of a data breach by you or us, as the user is happy to send the data.
Our Information
  • The information available on our website, whether digital or not, is not intended for others, regardless of medium. We reserve the right to call companies on behalf of our content in any way because we comply with the rules and regulations on cybercrime and plagiarism. No information may be copied or downloaded from our website by unfair means. We respect people's privacy and intellectual property. Therefore, content in forms; Words, documents, videos, pictures, info graphics or any other shape is/are our property and we have complete autonomy over our media and content.
Pricing & Payments
  • Please note that we reserve the right to complete a transaction once a user authorizes a payment or selects a plan for them once the user authorizes a payment. No user will be amused in the event of misleading lead generation or alone claiming that they did not make the payment themselves. We are not responsible if the transaction was carried out by someone else using someone else's data as our system does not recognize any.
  • Users are responsible for all payments made. However, the system can save your information for future transactions. However, we are not responsible for any data breach as the user entered the information on our website voluntarily. We are accountable to third parties and we will not hesitate to make your documents and information available to the government and authorities with herein jurisdiction. We have some legal restrictions as we meet all requirements when law abiding citizens step in, when a higher authority steps in and requests your information. Such cases are very minimal; but it is worth mentioning for no future mishap or miscommunication.
Refund Policy
  • Take My Class Pros is not responsible for any type of refund until any of the following conditions are met:
  • 1) The course student applied for fails or does not succeeds in fulfilling what was promised (applies only if the user fails the course on his dashboard or portal)
  • 2) In case of double payments or error by our hands (with proper authenticity and documentation, otherwise no requirements will be satisfied)
  • 3) In the event of any trouble, accident or other conduct, we waive on our behalf.
  • Note: We encourage users to choose a plan as needed, and in the case of a refund, be sure to update the site in advance or confirm someone from Take My Class Pros in advance. We will make sure that we help you as much as possible, up to a position where we will not be able to help you.
  • All websites record cookies for user information and better performance monitoring. If you are not aware of cookies, this is the bitmap information used by websites, e.g. B. IP address and location tracking. In addition, we record cookies in order to better serve our customers and to keep track of our analysis. Our website notifies users who ask for permission to record, store and analyze cookies. Most cookies record a user's demographic information, including the user's age, date, and geographic location. To our advantage, we are analyzing how we can offer better customer service to all of our customers.
  • We also reserve the right to post information on third party websites as the internet is full of vendors trying to sell their products. Marketing cookies also record information and these websites, companies or third-party companies use this information to analyze advertising campaigns, such as: PPC, paid marketing, SEM, advertising, or marketing in general. The main goal is to serve better ads to viewers and target the right audience. In the event of a threat to or breach of information by a cookie collector or a third party website, we - Take My Class Pros, are not liable as such in any situation.
Media Present On Our Website
  • As mentioned above, we want to let all our users know that we own all logos, images, media, brands and content uploaded on the web and in the company. In the event someone plagiarizes our logo, we reserve the right to challenge those who make use of government agencies and the legal rights that the government grants us. All media uploaded to our website is our property. We want you to respect our freedom and not try to attack our intellectual property.
  • In addition, all offers, advertising services and advertisements available on the website are our property. We reserve the right to cancel subscriptions, promotions or campaigns because they do not comply with the rules and regulations. In addition, we reserve the right to challenge your role and account if we find false, undocumented or unethical information that a user may or may not provide to us.
  • In addition, all promotions, advertising services and advertisements available on the website are our property and we reserve the right to cancel subscriptions, promotions or campaigns as this is not in accordance with the rules and regulations. In addition, we reserve the right to contest your role and account if we find incorrect, undocumented, or unethical information that a user may or may not provide to us.
  • In addition, users, viewers or visitors must leave a request on one of our contact forms available on our website. You can also contact us at our email address.
  • Contact us, because we are always looking for solutions to questions from our valuable customers. The purpose of these terms is to provide a better understanding of our values, rights and legal requirements under the law. However, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch soon. Take My Class Pros wants to offer only the best service to people who need our help in their daily work. It is best for users to read and comply with the terms and conditions that we have documented on our website.
Limitation on Liability
  • In no event will we, members, accomplices, bosses or our representatives be exposed to any unusual, incidental, incidental, significant, corrective or commendable damage (regardless of loss of business, benefits, information, use, income or other financial position).
  • Based on or in connection with our website, our reports or conditions that depends on the hypothesis, whether or not they are informed of the likelihood of such damage. The above barrier to harm is an integral part of the premise of doing business between us and you.
  • Without these restrictions, this page and data would not be specified. In no event will our risk exceed and the liability of the owners, affiliates, accomplices, bosses or our employees to you or third parties in any situation will become clearer than (a) the amount of fees you paid us one year prior to the offer of business to the risk.